Hey Let everyone know -- VANDYZ -- Is open again.....

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June 28 - 30

Forth of July - Night Ride

+ Event Details

June 28 - 30

Forth of July - Night Ride

Hope everyone can show and we have some good weather  ….

 ** All rides are the weekend before the holiday. So you can spend the actual holiday with your family if needed.

July 5 - 7

Forth of July

+ Event Details

July 5 - 7

Forth of July

BYOF - Bring Your Own Fireworks.  Set them off …… 



  • We're open Fridays about 4 PM and close Sunday evening.
  • Closed Mon-Thursday 
  • Open most holidays

Camping is allowed with tents or with rigs.  But No Hook-ups are available


Our trails are for beginners to experienced drivers. 

We have bypasses for any hard spots or the deep mud. 

Opening new trails all the time. 

Please keep the trails clean by picking up all your trash. 

** Stay off my grass, and don't ride in the fields, you may skirt the wood line if needed, the hay in these fields are used for farm animals.


There are trail rides most of the for the holidays, they are planned for the weekend before the actual holiday. So  you can spend the actual holiday with you family if needed.


So, the fun doesn't have to end when the sun goes down! 

We just ask that you use the buddy system, in case you get stuck or break down.

About Us

We're a family owned and operated location. You ride at your own risk, 

you may ride without helmets, flags or seat belts, however, the owner takes no responsibly for your actions.  

Only  40 minutes from Columbia or 30 mins from Jefferson City.

A shop that can be used for simple repairs it you break down, RESPECT the use of the tools and please return them. If you accidently keep a tool and realize it after you get home, please call and we will give you the address to mail it back.. Keeping tools just means there wont be one for the next person or yourself that may need it.

T-Shirts, stickers and Koo-yzies are available  PLEASE ask for them..

You are responsible for your actions, and if you cause issues, the owner may ask you to leave at any time. This may include a complete group.

How to spell Vandyz.

The official spelling is VANDYZ, and to complement the name the .com has been replaced with .XYZ.   

So the official website is   VANDYZOFFROAD. XYZ

Bookmark this site now to return for updates.

**  Donations are requested for trail and facilities up keep and repairs.

Wanta """"  RACE...…..

WATCH the paint man !!!!!!!!!!!!

To clean up this page, I have moved the rest of the videos to the VIDEOS page !!!!

Exciting things we do..

  • Night Rides 
  • Bonfires.
  • Special rides.


           Fourth of July


           New years

  • Several ponds for fun.
  • Scavenger / can .
  • Pot lucks.
  • Vehicle blow-ups.
  • Car and truck jumps.
  • Things you probably will never see any wheres else.